Fleet Tracking Solutions 

We are very glad to introduce our tracking system to you. Gone were the days when Vehicle owners have sleepless nights trying very hard to know the whereabouts of their precious vehicles or fleet of them? ODG is here with the exact solution you need.

Immediately upon installation, you are ready to track a vehicle wherever it goes. There’s almost no learning curves because our easy-to-use interfaces give you a completely new perspective on fleet management with insight into vehicle usage, driver habits, scheduling and efficiency. And here’s an unexpected benefit: piece of mind, knowing where and how your vehicles are being used.


Core features


Redundant Devices

We track by both GSM and GPS. When vehicle battery is absent, the integrated long-lasting backup battery on the device will automatically be activated to supply power to the tracker.


Real Time Monitoring

With accurate and precise reading, we give you up to the minute report on vehicle location.


Disable / Enable The Engine

 When necessary you, can cut engine power and resume engine when car is hijacked or stolen by just a click on the console of your browser.


Flexible Viewing Option

We create unlimited and multiple monitoring interfaces for; a desktop application, a mobile App and a friendly web interface for you to access your cars anytime anywhere.


Over Speed Alert

Our tracker can help you monitor speed limits of your vehicle with the inbuilt mobile alert system.


History traces display

You can trace the history of the movement and activities of all the vehicles on the system software.


Geo Fencing

Boundaries of operation could be set for the cars and when they go beyond the set radius the device will alert the control room and the manager in charge.


Database Security

The integrity of your database is not in question because we have deployed redundant servers to ensure business continuity at all times with secure login-ins and exit.

  • We offer Maximum security back-up for all your cars 24/7.
  • Standby Recovery team that will partner with Ghana Police to help recover your car in case of hijack.
  • We laisse with mechanical shops nationwide to offer mechanical solutions.
  • We also link you up with towing services when necessary. (Optional).


Device Installation

In no time we get your vehicle monitored. Within one hour, we install the system including database creation and configuration.


We assure you of quality device, robust installation, secure database, superb after sales support and quick response time.

All devices come with one year warranty and maintenance with spare parts. We are open for presentation and demonstration with a trial installation on any vehicle. Call us today and secure your peace of mind!